Rock Climbing Nevada’s Lamoille Canyon

Lamoille Canyon is a recently developed climbing area in northeast Nevada. The area features sport climbing, top-rope routes, bouldering, and ice climbing.

Located off of Interstate 80 near Elko, Nevada, Lamoille Canyon has become a favorite stopping point for travelers headed between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierras. The canyon is the largest valley found in the Ruby Mountains and was carved by several stages of glaciation. The climbing potential of the canyon has only recently been explored.

The Routes at Lamoille Canyon

The rock in Lamoille Canyon is an odd blend of layered granite. There are very few natural cracks in Lamoille Canyon so placing protection is extremely difficult. Most of the routes in the canyon are short top rope problems and bolted sport climbs.

The climbing potential of the area has been barely tapped and more difficult climbs are yet to be established. Since routes are currently being developed, please do not remove any equipment that exists on developing routes. Pick up a copy of the only guide to the area – the Lamoille Climbing Guide online or at Cedar Creek downtown Elko. The guide will be updated as climbs are added to the area.

Climbing is not limited to sport climbing in Lamoille. Lamoille is thought to have the tallest ice climbs west of Colorado and a bit of bouldering too. Visit the ‘Boulder Garden’ across the road from the parking area for Sport Wall.

Climbing Season in Lamoille Canyon

Rock climbing season in Lamoille Canyon runs from late spring to mid to late fall (or until the snow falls). Mid summer may not be the most ideal time to visit Lamoille as many of the climbing areas are on south facing slopes and can heat up fairly high during hot summer days.

The access road into Lamoille Canyon closes in winter, so before planning a spring trip make sure the road has been open for the year.

Getting there

Lamoille Canyon is located in northeast Nevada on the west side of the Ruby Mountains. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Salt Lake City and 3 1/2 hours from Reno on Interstate-80. From I-80 in Elko, head south on the Lamoille Highway past the town of Spring Creek and turn right on the road to the Lamoille Canyon recreational area. The canyon is about 19 miles south of Elko.

If you are into rock climbing, make sure to visit the Lamoille Canyon on the next trip across Nevada and stop to do some exploring of this newly developed climbing area. The Canyon’s remoteness almost guarantees crowdless crags.