Snowboarding Technique: Falling Leaf

A great movement that you should learn is the Falling Leaf. This is a Snowboarding Exercise wherein the rider skids back and forth on the same edge in an imaginary corridor, almost like a leaf when it falls from the tree. The difference is that unlike the leaf, the rider can control the path that he wants to go to. The trace that the rider will leave on the snow will be a zigzag pattern.

The Falling Leaf is almost similar to Traversing, except that the former incorporates a direction change. This is another good move to help you get down on tricky or steep slopes. When you are able to do the Falling Leaf, you will be able to travel in any direction no matter where your Snowboard is facing. Likewise, it will also help you hone your edge control skills. The Falling Leaf also adds directional control to your sideslip. Just remember that whichever end of the board has the most weight upon, it goes down the hill first.


Start in the same way you would when performing a Toeside Traverse. It is very important to look towards the direction where you want to go. Spread your arms a bit to help you maintain your balance. Put your weight on your front foot.


Cut across the slopes Fall line. Keep your balance on the toe edge. Don’t forget to keep the angle of your traverse in a considerable degree. Stop as soon as you get to the far end of the trail. Do this by bringing the board back to an angle directly across the fall line.


Stay balanced on your toe edge. Do not flip over or begin a Heelside Traverse on the other edge. Turn your head and look over your shoulder. Gently put your weight on your back foot. Traverse back across the slope.



Keep your angle in a slight form. Also, make sure that you stay in your toe edge. When you reach the opposite end of the slope, shift your weight and direction. Ride the board nose-first and continue with another traverse using your toe edge.


At this point, you have successfully made the first zigzag pattern. Just repeat the process until you reach your desired destination.



If you want to do the Falling Leaf using your heel edge, just repeat the exercise, but use your Snowboard’s heel edge. Just keep practicing this skill because it will be very helpful for you to travel down terrains.