Snowboard Technique: Sideslipping (Heelside)

Sideslipping is sliding along the fall line of the slope. This exercise will teach you how to use your Snowboard’s edges to control your speed in going downhill. Sideslipping is sliding along the fall line of the slope.

Find out what Sideslipping (heelside) is all about and learn how to use the heel edge of your Snowboard in controlling your descent:


When starting out, learn on a moderate slope. Your feet should be attached to your Snowboard Bindings. Then, face downhill and sit on the ground. Your legs should be bent and your snowboard should be on its heel edge. Make sure to keep your balance.


Dig your heel edge deeper into the snow. This will give you a firm hold or a stable position before you continue. Plant your hands into the snow to support your upper body.


Move your hands toward your body. Use them to balance yourself while you lift yourself gradually from the ground. Distribute your weight evenly to your knees to help maintain your balance.


Finally, try to stand up. This is quite a difficult position to make but it can be mastered through practice. Just find your balance and hold your upright position while the board is on its heel edge.


Know how to control your Snowboard and the speed of your descent using your heel edge. Your speed in going downhill increases as you decrease your edge angle. Push your Snowboard further down for more speed.


In the previous step, you learned that you will gain more speed if you decrease your edge angle. This time, increase the edge angle of your Snowboard. You will notice that there is a decrease in your speed. Keep on slowing down by continuously increasing the angle of your Snowboard heel edge. Soon, you will come to a halt.


You have finally reached the last step of the exercise. Keep your board on its heel edge while gradually lowering your body. Put your hands on the ground to support your body.

At this point, you already know how to control your Snowboard (heelside and toeside). In general, it does not really matter if you learn Sideslipping on the heel edge or toe edge first since you will learn both as you go on with the Snowboarding Course. Practice Snowboard control and make use of your edges in controlling your speed down the slope.