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3, 5, 7, 9, 19, 12
Summaries of respectfully a 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080 or 1260 turn. Used for aerial tricks.

up and down a battleship without falling

A snowboarder who jumps most of the time and is most interested in aerial tricks

The condition bestowed upon an onlooker or crowd as a snowboarder pulls off a totally insane maneuver.

An old lady who goes for really young guys on the slops and in the lodge

A person who always triggers avalanches. E.G. “Look at that AvalancheActivator ride.”

Areas out of the ski hill boundaries; off-piste. E.G. “Let’s go shred the backcountry today.”

A term used to describe crashing or falling. e.g. “He bailed and landed on his head.”; to escape out of a trick.

To go for a trick with all you’ve got. e.g. “Dude, you just gotta barge that jump!”

A rail in the park that kinks up, then flattens out, then kinks back down.

A term used to describe something that is not good. e.g. “It’s pretty beat that we have to shape the pipe all day.”

A wipe-out; another word for biff. Ex: “Dude, I beefed that one so badly!”

Totally wack e.g. “Did you see that hoedad in the cafe? That is so beige,” or “How beige is the weather on the mountain!”

A girl who can’t ride (a poser who is a girl). Characteristics include: a Roxy snowboard, sideslipping through park, flirting, being loud and obnoxious, matching jacket, pants, hat, etc.

to wipe out on, or fail anything e.g. “Did you see me biff that jump?” “Man, I biffed that pop quiz!”

Someone who wipes out real bad. For example, “Did you see his huge biff?”

When you pull-off 3 360s in a row

A mix between your butt and your hip.

What you call someone who cut you off.

Seeing someone fall really hard while watching from the lift. e.g. “That kid blasted a dookie.”

Insane air.

A beautiful day. e.g. “Cuttin’ the pow pow on a blue bird day.”

To point the nose of your board straight down the hill to accelerate. E.G. “He bombed the jump at 60 miles!”

A big hole in the landing of a powder jump from somebody bailing. “If you make a bomb hole on the landing of that jump, everybody will hate you.’

A person who takes a beating of everybody on and off the piste.

Hitting an object really, really hard with your Snowboard

When you smoke the competitors in a competition

A term used to describe catching air off of a jump. e.g. “He boosted ten feet out of the halfpipe.”

A term used to describe a new boarder who can’t stay upright

Boarder Patrol

When someone hits a kicker and their snowboard comes out from underneath them and they land on there back. (derived from kids in the east coast)

A common term used to describe an unintentional fast descent e.g. “coming down on the last run, I intially intended to stay off the fall line, but in the end I just had to Brid”

When something is wack. Mostly when the pipe or best run is closed EX: “Dude, the pipe is closed? That’s Bunk!”

Small hill usually with a toe rope where beginners learn to snowboard.

A term used the same as the verb “to do” only with more emphasis. e.g. “He busted huge air over that tree.”

The result of sliding out while attempting a backside boardslide.

When you lean on the nose of your board (like a nose manual) and swing the tail of your board in front. E.G. “Did you see that butter to BS 5?”

Landing on the nuckle of the jump and compressing.

When the snowboard vibrates unnecessarily. Usually this happens at higher speeds and through turns. Racers are always trying to reduce chatter in their boards so they can stay in control.

CHILLAX (submitted by: Timwalker )
It means chillout and relax.

Rough Terrain “Its a little choppy choppy today, lets bail.”

A person obsessed with taking C-boxes.

When a snowcat freshly grooms a trail it will leave a finely ridged surface. Corduroy is usual very nice for laying out clean turns.

A sudden drop-off, usually in the backcountry. E.G. “ Wow! That was a huge cornice eh?”

Slopes. e.g. “Rockin’ down the badass couloirs”.

this word is used when you observe someone who has completely beefed so bad that it is amazing that they are alive.

A term used to describe a crash or fall. e.g. “He fell off the lift and cratered into a snow bank.”

What you call making a relaxed and mellow run on a fairly smooth trail.

english people eat these for good luck before hitting the slopes

A boarder who has a ski pole and pushes hisself/herself with the pole.

CURLING FIELD (submitted by: wakawakadoo )
when the slopes are so icy that they resemble a curling field. ex. “check out that kid shreding the curling field”

DEATH COOKIE (submitted by: meat3098 )
a big snowball in the middle of a run frozen to the ground.

1. A word to describe someting that can’t be described 2. Forign Currency. e.g. “Did you see the size of the DOINKLET’S?”

To say that was good, great, excellent! E.g. “Dude, that was dope!”

Beginner snowboarder who ‘drifts’ across the hill by side-slipping back and forth.

Shaking the snow off your board while on a lift so it hits somebody below. “You totally dropped a load on that chick.”

Who is going next down the run, jump, or rail.

if you don’t know someones name just call them dude

Thin layer of snow on top of crusty snow (snow with ice on top).

EAT SNOW (submitted by: maxair3 )
Same as face plant.

EPIC (submitted by: SnOwAdict )
Anything that is totally awsome. e.g. “That jump was wicked epic”, “That board is epic”

When you get some air and meditate.

Landing face first.

Riding the snowboard backwards from a normal stance

The route directly down the hill; it is the most direct path down a mountain.

Beginner snowboarder that rides one edge horizontally, back and forth, the whole way down the slope.

Some old fart of a two-planker that’s wearing snowpants from the 80s – the one that’s like hunting while skiing or making a hippy statement.

FEESH (submitted by: funncriminal )
Cool foreign dude from the Andes that pulls lots of hot chick with his South American charm.

A term used to describe riding badly and out of control.

What a snowboarder looks like after he has been drunk or stoned, goes off a jump, and hits a tree or pole at full speed.

FLY-SWATTER (submitted by: cbarker )
When you catch an edge and fall forward, slapping the ground very quickly and rapidly, often results in a ‘whiplash’ feeling.

Term for accident involving two snowboarders, when the boards entangle causing injury.

to take a piss

Frontside (If you’re regular, spinning to the left. If you’re goofy, spinning to the right). E.G. “He did an FS 180.”

Skier or “tourist in the way with no business on the mountain”. `nuff said…

A rider so on form that it is considered illegal to shame his fellow riders in such a fashion.

GANJALA RIDE (submitted by: Mr Charlie )
A ride on the gondola, during which the occupants partake of some kind bud.

GAP (submitted by: imp_666 )
To fly over something without touching it. e.g.” I gaped the road.”

pronounced “GAY-per”, an inexperienced skier or boarder who attempts runs or tricks that they are not able for- ironically ends up with no injuries themself but causes everyone else to break bones.

Something that is very gross or crusty, i.e. “I lent my board to a mate and it was all ghetto when i got it back.”

A wave or jump that resembles a large monster.

when you’re slashing the gnar pow full-on ( e.g. Kaley is goin gnar pow kill on Qualmie fo’ real)

Wicked, awesome, cool. e.g. “That was gnarly.”
According to tarn montagu, it could also mean something hard, e.g. “That’s a gnarly drop.”

Riding with the right foot in front instead of the left foot which is the normal stance

Another name for a small, young snowboarder. Especially one who is very “in” to snowboarding.

Another word for piste. e.g. “He cruised the groomers all day.”

Some dude with spiffy snowpants that’s just been stomping it all day. e.g. “Way to stomp it Handsome Pants!”

a person….(usually old and on ski’s) ….. carving all over the place and cunttin people off left and right

HEADER (submitted by: imp_666 )
Headfirst dive. E.G. “He took a header trying a flip.”

HERB (submitted by: Vic )
Short for Herbert, a bad snowboarder or skier. In particular a skier who cuts boarders up and can’t do parelell turns. Good looking female boarders and skiers are exempt from bieng called herbs.

HIPPIE (submitted by: El Matto )
Someone who boards shirtless with a peace-sign necklace.

HIT (submitted by: imp_666 )
1. Park feature. E.G. “There are 23 hits in the park.” 2. To trick off a park feature. E.G. “Let’s go hit the rail.”

The person you always see at the lodge or sitting in the parking lot with his board, but never hits the mountain EX: “That guy is a hoedad”

HOMBRE (submitted by: imp_666 )
Spanish for guy, dude, homie etc.

Really quality female snowboarder who tears up the slopes

One who throws himself/herself wildly through the air and does not land on his/her feet.

A gathering of snowboarders riding as hard and wild as possible

1. A term to describe something (stunt, idea, trick, discovery etc.) that is big. 2. A term to describe something (stunt, idea, trick, discovery etc.) that is awesome, gnarly or insane.

Upside-down. E.G. “He pulled an inverted method.”

The act of riding on something other than snow, i.e. rails, trees, garbage cans, logs.

KARAHE (submitted by: boob )
Someone or something that is barely tolerable. May also be used as an adjective to describe something that is barely tolerable.

KICKER (submitted by: pwdermonky )
To build your own jump. “We built a sick kicker in the back country”

KILLA’ (submitted by: El Matto )
A homicidal maniac who boards with a knife in one hand. Hint: don’t p!ss him off.

KINK (submitted by: joelle )
When riding halfpipes or other jumps, one may come into contact with various abnormal and not smoothly transitional surfaces. These kinks cause problems when trying to ride over them.

KOOKOO (submitted by: tempguy )
Doing something that is a bit crazy but awesomely entertaining. e.g. a kookoo run, a kookoo move, “Did you see that man? That was kookoo!”

KRUNKED (submitted by: Timwalker )
Someone that gets so messed up they cant move for like 45 seconds. e.g. “That dude just got krunked on that 15-stair!”

A term used to describe incorporating something into a trick just before its’ completion and landing, i.e. a Method to Late 180 would mean doing a method air and at the last possible second rotating 180 degrees and landing fakie.

LAWN CHAIR AIR (submitted by: Johnny )
To jump very high and then to collapse like a lawn chair upon impact.

LE MRCELLE/ LE GARY (submitted by: laura )
To be an air dog who always asks the question, ou est le discotech?

LEAF (submitted by: robster )
To sway from side to side all the way down the hill

LIMP (submitted by: imp_666 )
Unnecessary faking of an injury.

LINE (submitted by: SnOwAdict )
The path you take, usually backcountry, or off the reg slope lay-out. e.g. “How was that line?”

LIP (submitted by: imp_666 )
The top of the jump; the part that is usually quite steep. E.G. “That’s an insane lip.”

LIPLAYER (submitted by: imp_666 )
A person who bails at the lip of the jump. E.G. “Hey! There’s a LipLayer.”

LOTTOEY (submitted by: imp_666 )
Rich person, often with really, really really, really expensive stuff. E.G. “That lottoey can’t ride for beans, eh?”

MANUAL (submitted by: imp_666 )
To ride with the nose of your board elevated from the ground; wheelie. E.G. “That guy can manual the whole flat.”

MAX AIR PLUMMET (submitted by: maxair3 )
Get max air off a jump, go horizontal in the air, forget to land and do a face plant.

MEAT TORPEDO (submitted by: duffus )
A child between the ages of 4 and 9 years, on skis, with no concept of fear, speed or momentum.

MILAGS OR MILAGRO (submitted by: boob )
A word used to describe something that that’s really cool. The polar opposite of something that is uncool or barely tolerable (see karahe).

MOFO (submitted by: El Matto )
A ski-instructor

MONKEY BRAINS (submitted by: El Matto )
Lingo for supper.

MONKEY TRAIL (submitted by: imp_666 )
A little off-piste trail, often through the woods. E.G. “I hit a rock taking the monkey trail.”

MUNTJAC (submitted by: gcoombs )
A term used to describe a boarder who disappears off on his own, becoming elusive and almost unknown to the rest of the group.

MUPPET (submitted by: brokenboardr )
Friendly insult, as in “Ya muppet”.

NECTAR (NEC-TER) (submitted by: Studmuffin )
Totally Sweet,Awsome Insane. “That Trick was so frikin nectar.”

NEWBE (submitted by: Creg_h2 )
A new boarder that is not very good.

NO JOY (submitted by: PSUfelon )
Borrowed from pilot slang, “Top Gun”- not possible/ no good/ why bother. e.g. Q-“What abot the lift?” A-“No joy- line is wicked long.”

NOOB (submitted by: snowbunny732 )
New Boarder (can also be used to insult people). e.g. “That noob over there wiped out on the bunny hill!”

NOSE MANUAL (submitted by: imp_666 )
To ride with the tail of your board elevated from the ground; nose wheelie. E.G. “Can you pull a nose manual?”

NUCKLE (submitted by: SLTkilla )
Point on jump right before the landing.

OL’ POPS (submitted by: imp_666 )
Old people on the ski hill, generally wearing the 70’s neon one piece suits. Some guys bomb kickerz and do the the splits. Kinda weird eh?

OLLIE (submitted by: imp_666 )
The act of lifting the nose and tail of your board into the air at the same time. “That ollie was HUGE!”

ONE-FOOTY (submitted by: imp_666 )
Riding with only one foot in your bindings. E.G. “Did you see that guy take the box one-footy.”

A term used to describe a crash or fall. e.g. “He packed into that snow bank and broke his leg.”

A boarder who displays a cavalier attitude to their own survival.

Used to describe how exceptional something is. “Phat Air” might be a really styled out trick as well as being “large”, that is, very high.

Short for halfpipe. E.G. “Check out his style in the pipe.”

PLANK (submitted by: imp_666 )
A snowboard. Referal to older snowboards.

If the Halfpipe is closed, or the powder field is roped off… and you rode it anyway… you poached it.

POETRY (submitted by: imp_666 )
Mix of odd lingo, Swiffers and wonked stoners.

POO ICE (submitted by: xxsnowmanxx )
A description of hard snow that might be dirty/ nasty, ect. ex: Man theres so much poo ice out there . Dang it!

One who pretends to be something one is not.

POTE (submitted by: El Matto )
French for homie, guy, dude.

POW (submitted by: imp_666 )
1. A punch. 2. Short for powder. E.G. “Shreddin’ da pow.”

Fresh powder. e.g. “Cuttin the pow pow.”

Somebody who only loves riding pow

Normally 1337 lingo: meaning to completely waste the competition or to pull off a big trick when someone said you couldn’t. e.g. “That dude said i couldnt do a 360…well i totaly powned him!”

PRICKS WITH STICKS (submitted by: Janos )
An insulting term used to describe an annoying skier or group of skiers.

Crashing bad. “He caught his toe edge and punched the jump.”

QP (submitted by: imp_666 )
Short for quarter pipe. E.G. “Look at that QP!”

RACHETS (submitted by: w0b0 )
Traditional style of bindings. i.e strap in bindings

Bail that occurs most at high speeds. One will catch and edge (usually heel) that sends them carooning out of control, resembling the form of a ragdoll, as they descend the slope.

RINSE (submitted by: Muzzscott )
A versatile term used when describing excellent boarding technique e.g. “Mate, check out that hot chick, she’s on the rinse.” or “Dude, you totally rinsed that 720.”

RIP (submitted by: sxskater125 )
Snowboards very well. “Wow, that kid rips.”

coined in 2006 by Andy McPherson, rippin flake is a general term to describe all snowboarding. E.G> I’ve been rippin flake all week in Tahoe, brodal.

ROCKY (submitted by: imp_666 )
A person obsessed with ollieing or bonking rocks. E.G. “Hey look, it’s Rocky!”

ROLLING DOWN THE WINDOWS (submitted by: joelle )
A phrase used to describe when someone is caught off balance and they rotate their arms wildly in the air to try and recover.

A term to describe a huge combination of tricks. E.G. he pulled a Rube Goldberg

SCHWANK (PRONOUNCED AS SHU WANK) (submitted by: goat34 )
Super; cool; awesome. e.g. “That phat 9 was Schwank”

To check something out. E.G. “We scoped out the landing before we hit the jump”.

SCORPION (submitted by: misterrob0to )
usually starts with a face plant then your board and legs resembles a scorpion stinger

SEAL BOARDING (submitted by: Liz_ard_79 )
Lying on your belly with the board held up like a spoiler (so you don’t take off) and bombing down the slope. Works best where you know that the terrain’s farily smooth.

A name for a certain interval in which one snowboards. e.g. “That was a good halfpipe session, but the powder session was even better.”

SHACK (submitted by: El Matto )
Lodge at a ghetto hill.

SHACK BOOTER (submitted by: imp_666 )
A kind of jump consisting of a triangular prism of snow. E.G. “Let’s air off the shack booter.”

SHAVE IT (submitted by: debrah )
Shave the fresh powder off a mountain or top of cornice

SHMOB (submitted by: keed247 )
To recklessly control your vehicle or snowboard. e.g. “Let’s shmob the new Caddy.” or “This party sucks. Let’s shmob.”

SH’MON (submitted by: booyaboy )
Can be used as a verb or a noun. Verb = to go or move or come. e.g. “Wow! You Sh’moned that one.” Noun = word used if you don’t know what something is called or just can’t think of it at the moment. e.g. “Could you pass the Sh’mon?”

SHRALP (submitted by: imp_666 )
To ride really aggressively; shred. E.G. “That guy sure shralps the park well.”

SHRED (submitted by: imp_666 )
To tear up the terrain.

SHRED THE GNAR (submitted by: miwwiw )
To shred something gnarly (hard), like a hard run.

SHUT DOWN (submitted by: sxskater125 )
Stomping a crazy trick, or crashing very badly. “Dude, you just shut down the park with that fs 720!” or “Man, he crashed so hard, he got shut down.”

An expression used to describe something exceptionally good.

SKATING (submitted by: sNaApZ )
With front foot strapped in board, push with other foot then put it on stomp pad and ride….to the lift.

The act of riding along precariously and near falling.

SKETCHY (submitted by: moshman )
shaky, landing a small air or trick but meesing up the landing but not falling

SLAY (submitted by: imp_666 )
To pull an insane trick on a rail, or to grind or jib the whole rail. EX: I slayed that rail.

SLOPE(S) (submitted by: shoilz )
another word for mountain. ex. yo dude are we headen to the slopes tomorrow?

SLOWPO (submitted by: Creg_h2 )
An extremely slow skier that gets in everyones way.

SMOKIN’ (submitted by: El Matto )
Make and “S” shape in the air.

A term used to describe someone who cuts in front of you in the lift line, or drops in front of you in the halfpipe.

SNO (submitted by: imp_666 )
What you ride on. Geez!

SNOW ANGEL (submitted by: sickstomper4 )
That really hot chick skier that you can’t stand, yet can’t stop checkin out.

SNOW BUM (submitted by: hyslacker06 )
Someone that eats,breathes,sleeps, and lives for snowboarding or skiing; lives in a shack next to the nearest resort to get on the slopes early and works in a boardshop to pay for lift tickets.

SNOW BUNNY (submitted by: Vic )
A very good looking female boarder

SNOW GUMP (submitted by: anya )
Someone who passes themselves off as a snowboarder by submitting snowboarding terms to websites but really is just a sad, billy no mates who has dreamt his whole life of being cool.

SNOW SLAPPED (submitted by: zumiezbrder )
When another boarder/skier does a really big carve in the snow and you get snow on you.

SNOW SLEEZE (submitted by: snopuf )
A bad female boarder who rides in a bikini over spring break

SNOWBOARDIONARY (submitted by: imp_666 )
The official source of intelligence, language aids, lingo, terms, definitions, slang and things that make you SMARTER. Uh huh. You bet, eh?

SNOWING (submitted by: snow_chick16 )
It’s a short way to say snowboarding. e.g. “Hey! let’s go snowing!!!”

SNOWSLUT (submitted by: w0b0 )
A girl who gets with every guy on the mountain.

SNOWSNIFFER (submitted by: imp_666 )
Person who stops at the lip of the jump.

A beating. e.g. “Don’t make me give you a SOUTH SHORE BIRTHDAY.”

SP (submitted by: Creg_h2 )
Ski Patrol

falling on the ground but not sliding much, just, KA-PLOP i.e. “Wow, dude, did u see that splattin that boarder was doin?”

SPRAY (submitted by: xxfarkxx )
The powder that flies up when you biff or land a jump.

STACK (submitted by: Vic )
To fall over quite badly, so badly it hurts.The word has crossed over from skating ‘cos it normaly hurts more in skate parks.

So much style. e.g. “Yo dude you had so much steez on that corked 9.”

on the east coast…it means, style with ease

1. Another name for a snowboard. 2. A term used to describe making a good landing. e.g. “He stuck a huge Method Air off of that jump.”

Those funny looking things skiers ride on – usually look impossible to carry to the summit. i.e. “Dude, sticks are for those who can’t ride with the boardin’ possie.”

An alternate term for the word psyched. In other words, to be excited.

A term used to describe making a good landing. e.g. “He stomped that McTwist.”

STRAIGHT AIR (submitted by: straight_air )
The absolute pinnacle of mankinds aerial achievements on a snowboard!

A person obsessed with ollieing or bonking stumps. E.G. “Hey look, it’s Stumpy!”

Someone that is chillin on the side of the hill for a break.

When you pull two turns it opposite directions, and form the Swiffer “S”.

To ride with the tail of your board in front; fakie. E.G. “He’s good at riding switch.”

A kind of jump consisting of a smaller jump, then a large tranny and then the landing. E.G. “You can get insane air of the tabletop.”

Young men who go for Arctic Cougars

A term used to express extreme joy. “That was tight.”

To emphasize that something is good. EX: “That board is tits!”

TOESIDE TURN (submitted by: sNaApZ )
Lift up the front heel and press toe down, move knee over foot (back and shoulders follow), end up pressing all toes down.

TRAIN PACK (submitted by: spud johnson )
A really wacked bunch of skiers that are kind of cool but still a bit wack.

TRANNY (submitted by: Parkay )
sloped part of a landing so you don’t land in the flats. Its not a “Little ditch or empty space to gap.” You want to land in the tranny, not jump over it. Gosh

Little ditch or empty space to gap. E.G. “Can you ollie that tranny?”

Something cool and interesting that you can do on your board.

One who pulls off many sweet tricks. “that kid is tricky”

TRIP (submitted by: snowed in )
When something is good e.g. “That 900 was trip!”

Low wind resistance crouched position used to go faster

A term used to explain the emphasis of style in a trick. In other words, if someone “tweaked out a method” they would grab hard and create an emphasis of the maneuver such that their ankles or other joints may appear bent injury. i.e. “He tweaked his ankle.” or twisted to a maximum degree.

Another term for skier.

Something that is not good. e.g. “It’s pretty wack that my board broke in half.”

a large chunk of snow on which one ollies, spins on top of, and rides off.

Something weird: we don’t know what IT is.

WARPED (submitted by: imp_666 )
Pretty bumpy, wack or kinked surface/terrain. Very unpleasant to shralp or shred.

WASTED (submitted by: famous182tmt )
getting sprayed with snow when someone stops right near you. i.e. you just got wasted…i wasted that dude so bad.

WET RIDE (submitted by: Muzzscott )
Liven up your chairlift by taking a piss off the side. It’s harder than it sounds but very rewarding. When taking a wet ride, consider the wind direction and watch out for the golden spray.

WIMP (submitted by: imp_666 )
Someone who is scary of everything; wussy.

WISH BONE (submitted by: meat3098 )
when a boarder snaps their board doing something narly.

WONKED (submitted by: imp_666 )
A description of someone who is stoked or stoned.

YA SMELL ME? (submitted by: imp_666 )
Do you understand me?

YARD SALE (submitted by: dnhachig )
Bad spill that strips you of your hat, gloves, goggles, glasses, backpack, etc.

YARD SALE (submitted by: CT(_) )
When a boarder (or skiier) bails so hard their hat/goggles/etc go flying. “Did you see that gnar yard sale?”

YUPPIES (submitted by: chantzfox )
Some city people that think they can rip it up, but can’t.