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Are you looking for an alternative to a canoe or a decked kayak? Feel confined in a spray skirt?

If you are interested in paddling a sea kayak, river kayak or just want to float about on a lake or pond, you will find the information you need to get the most out of your paddling efforts right here.

Paddle sports enthusiast are using kayaks for all aspects of traditional paddling and expanding their use into other watersports. 

You can use a sit-on-top for exercise or outdoors adventure like touring, wilderness camping, nature exploration and bird watching.

If you are, or want to be paddling in flatwater or whitewater, riding waves in a rockgarden, or racing a surfski, then this is where you will want to be when you are not on the water.

In these articles you will be able to learn all about sit-on-top kayaks, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding and whitewater.

From simple questions about how to attach your backrest to your boat; choosing a paddle; determining the difference between a bowline and a lifeline; what kneestraps and a paddle-leash are for, to discovering new paddling destinations and partners; new boat designs for your particular needs; schools, clubs & outfitters.