What outdoor activities can you do in France while Vacationing?

From kayaking and canoeing, on the Dordogne River to adrenalin rushes on the River Passy and drop zones in the Pyrenees, France has many active options.

Adventure sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in France for adrenalin rushes to get the heart pumping. Whether it’s a Bungy jump near Caen in Normandy, white-water rafting or a skydive in the Alps or kayaking and canoeing down the Dordogne River in the central south-west, there is something for everyone who likes to get active on their holiday. Here are just a few of the adventure sports options in France for travelers who like a thrill and a challenge when they visit Europe.

Skydive in the Alps

There can be few more spectacular settings in which to leap out of a plane than over the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps. There are a few companies that offer tandem skydives in the mountains, including Veloce Parachutisme from their drop zone at Gap-Tallard. The company also operates drop zones in Brienne le Chateau near Troyes in Champagne and Lascaverie near Pau in the Pyrenees.

White-water rafting on the River Passy near Chamonix

Skydiving is not the only adrenalin activity that is available in the French Alps; those who prefer water to air can also get their fix in the mountains. Crystal Active runs a series of trips based at the ski resort town of Chamonix that include white-water rafting down the River Passy. Whilst not exactly tame, the Passy isn’t as hardcore as the Dora Baltee on the Italian side of the border, but it is more than enough to get visitors’ hearts pumping and clothes wet.

Bungy jump in Normandy

AJ Hackett operates bungy jumping sites across the world, including in Australia, New Zealand and Macau. The company’s French operation is based at the Viaduc de la Souleuvre near Caen in Normandy. The supporting columns of the Viaduct are 61m high, and they are accessible via a somewhat shaky-feeling wooden suspension bridge – perfect for calming the nerves before jumping into the valley with only an elastic rope for safety. White-water rafting, climbing, skydiving, canoeing and horse-riding are also available nearby and can be investigated via the AJ Hackett website.

Kayaking and Canoeing on the Dordogne River

The Dordogne region in the central south-west of France is a kayaker or canoeist’s dream. The Dordogne river runs through the region, and whilst on it, visitors can paddle through absolutely stunning scenery, whilst being treated to the occasional challenging stretch of river.