Skateboard Trucks

Many beginning skateboarders have no idea what’s under their board. This page describes your skateboard’s trucks and gives you a little more information about them.

If you’re new to the world of skateboarding you may be confused by all the talk about trucks, bushings and every other term you have probably never heard before. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just jump on your deck and go? The best way to learn about skating, and to progress as a skater, is to also learn about your board.

Don’t get discouraged, even the greats had to start at the beginning. This page was designed to help you understand a little more about your skateboard, specifically the trucks.

What are trucks?

Skateboard Trucks

Trucks are the two T-shaped metal pieces that are bolted to the underside of your deck. The two pieces face each other and hold the wheels. They are made from a variety of metals to alter the overall weight of your deck and to improve the durability of the trucks.

Your trucks are made up of five components: the axle, kingpin, bushings, baseplate and hangar. When looking at your trucks, the largest part that you notice is the hangar. It is the large, triangular-shaped metal piece. The axle is a metal pin that runs through the hangar, it is where your wheels attach to the board. Ideally, you’re axle shouldn’t be any wider than your board.
The bushings are the rubber rings between the hangar and the baseplate. The bushings cushion your trucks during turns. Bushings can be personalized for your needs; softer bushings allow for easier turns, firm bushings provide more stability (great for beginning skateboarders).
The baseplate is the rectangular metal piece between the hangar and your deck.
The kingpin runs through the center of the hangar and bushings to the baseplate. It keeps your trucks attached to your deck. Kingpins can be loosened for greater maneuverability but beginners should begin with a tighter kingpin until you get the hang of turns.

Trucks are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors to fit just about any need and skating style. For example, if you are into street skating and tricks you may choose low trucks with smaller wheels for better stability. There are also trucks that have been engineered for specific purposes, like if your going to be doing a lot of grinding.

There are a number of manufacturers of trucks. Most of the good, quality manufacturers can be found online. A few of the more popular to try are: GrindKingTensor and Royal. Trucks can be purchased at almost any price but a good pair typically run from about $35-$65.

For those who want to practice your skills (for instance if you are just learning to ollie), you may want to consider practice trucks. They mount to your deck just like regular trucks but allow you to practice without the worry of rolling and falling.

Remember, there is no “right way”. As you get more familiar with skating and learn your style you’ll find what combination of parts works best for you and the way you ride.