Pacific US Mountain Biking Trails

A selection of popular mountain biking trails located in the western and Pacific United States.
Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Almost everywhere you go, new trails are being constructed and old fire and four-wheel drive roads have been repurposed for biking.

A Roundup of Top Bike Trails – Western and Pacific States

Everyone has their favorite trails; some are more adventurous rides than others. So, where to you go if you’re new to the sport or haven’t had the chance to travel and experience a variety of trails?

The Big Boulder Trail: This trail is a 35-mile loop that is the perfect ride for weekend warriors. The trail is actually a 130-year old mining trail. It is made up of 15% fire roads, 25% Four-wheel drive trails and 60% single track. Sustained climbs will take you through an elevation gain of 5,000 feet while surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. In addition to the climbs, there are some challenging technical spots followed by an exhilarating single track descent. You can finish off your ride by cooling off in one of the many swimming holes located at the end of the trail. (Downieville, CA)

Henry Hagg Lake Park: Hugging the shore of Henry Hagg Lake, this 14.5 mile loop is a popular destination for locals and weekend travelers, making it a busy weekend spot. This fun ride winds through the forest and fields while remaining in view of the lake. It consists of 10% paved roads and 90% single track. There are some steep climbs and challenging spots but this is a great ride, geared towards the intermediate level rider. The trail is only open during the spring and summer months and requires a parking permit or season pass. (Forest Grove, OR)

Bootleg Canyon: A popular trail with riders throughout the world. This 35-mile network of trails consists of rolling, sometimes rocky terrain with an elevation gain of 1,200 ft. There are trails available for every skill level but the technical trails offer experienced riders some of the most adrenaline-filled moments on two wheels. The trails are 100% single track. One word of warning, bring plenty of water. From June to August, temperatures can exceed 100°. (Boulder City, NV)

Volcano Figure Eight: Located in Volcanoes National Park, this trail is ideal for advanced riders. The constant climb, combined with noxious gases and distance make this a difficult, though not technically challenging, ride. Paved roads link a variety of four wheel drive and single track trails. (Big Island, Hawaii)

China Camp State Park: Fifteen miles of fire roads and single track. The steep, sandy climb and rolling terrain through the forest comes with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet and brings you spectacular views. The area is very busy on weekends. (San Rafael, CA)

Noble Canyon: A 14-mile loop with a 2,000 ft. elevation gain. The trail is 85% single track, 15% double track with steep, technical climbs for advanced riders. A free, hourly shuttle is available on Saturdays. (San Diego, CA)

There are too many trails to list them all, but this list introduces a few trails throughout the western and Pacific states that have been highly recommended in many circles. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it includes some popular and thrilling rides for all skill levels.