Onion Creek Trail, near Austin, TX

Ruins of horse trainer cabin, varying vegetation, views of creek and falls.

Near: Austin, TX

Distance: 2.7 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 124 ft

Hike Time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Condition: Fire road/pavement

Hike Type: Loop


This is a roughly paved hike and bike trail providing a nice walk through McKinney Falls State Park. There are numerous unofficial dirt trails that connect to the main trail which are not included in this report. There are many benches to stop and take a rest, a birdwatching blind, some ruins from old buildings. One section of the trail winds through the primitive camping area and along Onion Creek. You also pass the Upper Falls, which can be very nice, depending on the season and water flow.

++ Hiking Clothing Guide


Enter McKinney Falls State Park and drive through the ranger station. Park admittance is $2 per adult. Proceed down the main driveway and make the second right. Park in the lot near the visitor center. From here, you will see the paved trail running in either direction. The location I have marked as the trailhead is a short distance from the parking lot near the horse trainer’s cabin. (Lat:30.18182 Lon:-97.72508)