Hiking the Old Rag Mountain, VA

Hike 1 mile of rock scramble, beautiful views from the peak. It’s one of the best hikes in Virginia.

Near: Luray, VA

Distance: 7 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 2200 ft

Hike Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous

Trail Condition: OK, but a few difficult spots

Hike Type: Loop

Old Rag Mountain (3291ft) is the most spectacular mountain in the northern Virginia Blue Ridge. Unlike most of the mountains in the Blue Ridge, it stands alone as an outlying mountain rather than as part of a continuous chain.

Old Rag is a popular hike in all seasons; on weekends it can be crowded. Old Rag’s attractions include a rugged scramble over and through boulders on the Ridge Trail and spectacular views in all direction. This circuit includes two shelters with fireplaces that can be used for cooking. Camping is not permitted above 2500 ft.


  1. Take US 522 to SR 231, which is 0.8 mi south of Sperryville, VA and 12.7 mil north of Madison, VA.
  2. Go south 8.3 mi on SR 231, cross Hughes River, and immediately turn right (west) onto SR 602.
  3. Stay on the left side of Hughes River. Route number changes to 601, 707, and then 600. Do not cross Hughes River.
  4. After 3.5 mi from SR 231, just beyond Nethers, VA, and SNP parking area accommodates 200 cars.
  5. Park here and walk 0.8 mi to the small parking area at end of SR 600.

(Lat:38.56 Lon:-78.3)