Vini Costa

4 Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Surfers

Beginning surfers have something special: passion. If they connect to the thrill of riding waves, nothing else matters; not safety, not effectiveness, not even reason.

Surfing Reverse

Definition: The reverse can be traced back to 1960’s longboarders who would spin around 180 degrees after taking off fins first. Tom Curren completed a wild,

How to do a Bottom Turn

In the current state of progressive surfing where the above-the-lip tricks have become not just mandatory but downright dominant, the bottom of the wave (the

How to Do a Frontside Air Reverse

The Frontside Air Reverse has become the bread and butter of the current wave of progressive surfers. It takes the standard reverse and throws in a massive

How to do a Backside Re-entry

Backside surfing is super fun. Although most surfers find frontside to be easier, the backside offers a challenge and an advantage. Riding the wave backside

Is Surfing the Right Sport for You?

There is no getting around the reality that surfing is a healthy, exciting way to spend a day and an extraordinarily satisfying way to spend

Different Types of Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax is essential to surfing. It is the link between the deck of your surfboard and your feet. Today’s wax creates a bumpy and sticky surface

How to Paddle Better as a Surfer

We might as well face it…if fishing is called “fishing” and not “catching,” so too should surfing go by a different name? It should really

What is an epoxy surfboard?

Epoxy surfboards are laminated with epoxy resin which is stronger and lighter than polyester resin, the resin used most commonly in the surfboard industry. While