Matt Baker

Best Backcountry Skis in 2020

What are the best backcountry touring skis? To find out we put the most highly regarded products through an extensive multi-year test. We have selected

Bouldering Techniques for Beginners

So what is bouldering and what can it do for you? Bouldering involves climbing relatively short sections of a cliff or indoor walls usually less

Rock Climbing Training For Success

Probably the most common topics of conversation at any climbing area are training programmes and the location of bakeries. It’s funny how everyone will remember

Warming Up Before Rock Climbing

Is it the most important part of a training session? Being consistent and setting goals are two of the most important elements of any training

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Holiday

Choosing a mountain bike holiday requires looking at many factors including destination, fitness level, terrain, type of bike hire, time of year and guiding options.

The Best Camping Tents

After interviewing experts, considering 30 tents, and conducting some testing, we’ve determined that the $200 Mountain Hardwear Optic 2.5 tent is the 2-person, 3-season tent that we’d