Skydiving in New Zealand

How to observe New Zealand’s cityscapes, wild coast lines and snow capped peaks? Jump out of a plane (with a parachute of course).

Why take the risk and pay for flinging yourself of a plane? Well, for one, it’s something you can brag about, skydiving is one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventure sports out there. For a fun loving person this is a legal, completely clean and unadulterated way of receiving an ecstatic thrill.

Especially on a sunny day this humble little adventure is hard to resist as a bird’s eye view from a height either 9 000, 12 000 or 15 000 feet of Kiwi land is startling. That’s startling in a good way.

What Actually Happens?

The operators will give you a choice of whether you want to do a solo or a tandem skydive (when the instructor jumps with you) from a height of either 9 000, 12 000 and 15 000 feet. If going for the solo option you’ll be given a training course. A tandem jump comes with an explanatory video and a professional skydiving instructor strapped to your body.

Once fitted out with a suit, goggles and helmet you’re sent on your way up. For a newbie, the loud whooshing sound and strong force of slipstream air on the face might come as a bit of a shock when leaning out of the aircraft. But after thinking twice about jumping you suddenly find yourself free falling at around 180 kph. The free fall lasts about 45 seconds.

Nothing but a slight tug is felt when the parachute is deployed and you find yourself floating above the tiny earth. There’s the feeling of “phew” and everything being so still and silent it’s a perfect opportunity to observe the awesome views. This is entirely up to the individual but it’s fun to silently say “I’m an eagle” to yourself.

The landing is fairly soft, however the rush of excitement is so overwhelming you might forget where you are and go “huh?”

Where to Take the Leap

In New Zealand there are some great places where one can have a go at skydiving. In the North Island skydiving drop zones are located in Auckland, Rotorua, Paihia, Taupo, Mercer and in several airports in the lower part of the Island.

In the South Island there are the famous skydiving locations such as Christchurch, Nelson, Queenstown, Fox Glacier and Wanaka. Many smaller airports also offer the chance of throwing yourself of an aircraft and no matter where you jump in New Zealand, you’ll still get amazing views, (providing it’s a sunny day).


It’s not cheap as chips, but skydiving is far more exciting than a bag of chippies. The figure starts at around $249 (NZD), which is around $200 US Dollars, and goes up depending on the height of the jump and whether you’re doing a solo or a tandem.

The best place for money would have to be Taupo, an awesome little town which is practically paradise and offers heaps of other extreme adventures.

Skydive – Tick

It all depends on how brave and adventure loving you are, (perhaps bonkers too), but this is a true Kiwi experience. As they say “if you’ve got the attitude, we’ve got the altitude”. Do it and cross it off your list!