Reasons to Get into Land Paddling: 5 Reasons Why Street SUP Might Be For You

Photo Credit: Austin Neill

With land paddling increasing in popularity you might wonder if it is just a fad or a sport you might be interested in taking up.  Also known as Street SUP, land paddling, is an activity that utilizes a longboard skateboard and a “paddle” that is more of a stick with a handle and a rubber tip.  The paddler propels themselves on the board by paddling the stick against the ground.  Here are 5 reasons why you should land paddle:

It’s the New Thing in Fitness

While I don’t think anyone should do anything simply because it’s new and cool, there is something to be said for mixing it up when it comes to your exercise routine.  We all can get into a rut with running, biking, inline skating, or our trips to the gym. Land paddling is a new way to cross-train and whenever learning a new fitness sport there is the excitement of getting better, the thrill of the speed, and new goals to be reached.  If you’ve hit your plateau in exercise or want to put some spice into your fitness routine, land paddling might be for you.

You Feel too Old to Skateboard

So many of us grew up skateboarding. You remember, riding to a friend’s house, doing tricks on curbs, and going to skate parks.  Now our kids are doing things we couldn’t have even dreamed of.    Many dads, and no doubt moms, have relived their glory days through the legs of their kids.    Inevitably, they get on their son or daughter’s boards only to realize they can’t push that far anymore and those tricks aren’t executed so easily.  Land paddling is a low-impact way to reconnect with that activity that once consumed you.  You won’t have to push hard or even at all and you’ll be able to keep up with your kids at the park or at the beach.

Street SUP instead of Running

Many people have long given up running due to the wear and tear that the activity puts on the back, hips, legs, and ankles.  This has sidelined many a former runner and left them wondering how to stay in shape. Land paddling solves that problem.  You can still get out in that early morning air or at the end of the day and get that feeling you love so much, but without the impact that makes your joints sore for days.  If you’re looking for a low-impact replacement to running, longboarding might just be the solution.

Street SUP When You Can’t Get Out on the Water

The previous reasons to land paddle center mainly on the fitness or skateboarding aspects of the sport.  But, lets not forget that this is a paddle sport, albeit a new one.  It is also a simulated surf sport.   Whether you like to surf or kayak or SUP you know you can’t always get out on the water or the conditions just aren’t right for it.  Street paddling is a great way to get some of that surf and paddling feel right outside your front door.

Land Paddling is a Great Workout

Land paddling is a great full body workout. The paddling portion works the arms, back, core, and even the chest.  Balancing and turning works the legs.  Skating the board obviously works the legs.  The cardiovascular benefits are similar to any other endurance-type activity.  When you put it all together you have a remarkably balanced workout.  If you’re looking to start a fitness routine, land paddling is a great workout and fun enough to keep your interest.


No matter how you slice it, land paddling is a fun, new, physical activity.  It’s a great addition to anyone’s fitness repertoire.  Any skater, kayaker, SUPer, and surfer can easily pick it up and enjoy some time in the outdoors while staying in shape.  Get on the front end of this incredible new way to stay young and fun.