How to Put on a Full-Cut Whitewater Kayak Helmet

While there are many helmet options for the paddler, “full-cut” whitewater kayaking helmets offer the most protection for your head. Of course, anyone can get a “full-cut” helmet on their head by merely pressing it down over the ears and pulling the strap tight but there may be some pain in the process. This method will instruct the kayaker on the most efficient way to put on a full-cut whitewater kayak helmet.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Pick up the helmet and place one hand on each ear of the helmet.
  2. Spread the sides of the helmet as you place it over your head.
  3. Pull the helmet down over your head and adjust it as needed so that your ears are comfortably under the sides of the helmet.
  4. Grab both sides of the straps and buckle the helmet around and under your jaw.
  5. Take the loose end of the strap and pull it to tighten the helmet onto your head. Be sure that the helmet is not too tight. You should be able to speak without any problem and the helmet shouldn’t be so tight that it hurts.
  6. With the helmet securely fastened, grab the helmet and wiggle it on your head. There shouldn’t be any play between your scull and the lining of the helmet.
  7. If the helmet is too tight or there is wiggle room between the helmet and your head then you should use a different helmet.

What You Need:

  • Full-Cut Whitewater Kayak Helmet